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About us

The purpose of establishing PHARMOS, a.s., a joint-stock company, was to create a pharmaceutical wholesaler that would provide its founders, freelance pharmacists, with a long-term stable business environment. The resulting wholesale chain now provides its drug distribution services to most pharmacies throughout the country. In cooperation with other companies and industry organizations, it has become an indispensable element in both the business and social life of our pharmacists. We are a purely Czech company and we are proud of our origin. 

About us


Establishment of the company
The joint stock company PHARMOS, a.s. was founded in April 1991 and since its inception it has been engaged mainly in the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals.
Establishment of the subsidiary Pharmos CS, a.s.
Pharmos CS, a. s., a subsidiary company, was established with the German partner Stumpf AG with parity representation of both companies.
Merger with Stumpf AG, a German distribution company 
In 1993, Stumpf AG also entered PHARMOS, a.s. as a shareholder.
Establishment of the new parent company Česká lékárnická, a.s.
In 1995, the original shareholders of PHARMOS, a.s. established Česká lékárnická, a.s., to which the shares of PHARMOS, a.s. were transferred, thus significantly changing the shareholder structure of PHARMOS, a.s.
Increase of share capital
In 2002, PHARMOS, a.s. increased its share capital by CZK 37.7 million. This increase was carried out by a single subscriber, namely Česká lékárnická, a.s. The reason for this strategic move was to acquire the majority share of Česká lékárnická, a.s. in PHARMOS, a.s. and to concentrate all distribution activities in one main distribution company and thus create a sufficiently capital strong and efficiently operating company. 
Further increase of share capital
In 2004, the share capital was further increased from retained earnings and share premium from CZK 85.7 million to CZK 342.8 million – the shares of individual shareholders did not change.
Share buyback
In 2009, Česká lékárnická, a.s. bought back part of its shares from minority shareholders and its share increased from 71.6% to 71.7%. 
Shareholding structure
The shareholding structure of PHARMOS, a. s. remained unchanged until 2015. The company had two controlling shareholders, namely Česká lékárnická, a.s., which held 71.87% of the shares, and the German shareholder Phoenix International Beteiligungs GmbH, Mannheim, which held 28% of the shares (the shares were transferred to this company by the original owner Stumpf AG, which belongs to the Phoenix Group). The remaining 0.13% was made up of small Czech shareholders – natural persons.
Share buyback
in 2016, negotiations were held between Česká lékárnická, a.s. and the minority shareholder, PHOENIX International Beteiligings GmbH, on the purchase of shares in PHARMOS, a.s., owned by them. The negotiations were successful and Česká lékárnická, a.s. acquired 28% of the shares of PHARMOS, a.s. by signing a purchase agreement dated 20 December 2016. At the same time, negotiations were held with other small shareholders, during which it was agreed to buy back the rest of the shares, thus making Česká lékárnická, a.s. a 100% owner of PHARMOS, a.s.
Company consolidation
At the turn of 2019-20, steps were taken to implement the merger of the distribution activities of PHARMOS and the distribution part of the Pražská lékárnická plant. This completed the consolidation of the wholesale activities of the Česká lékárnická Group. Wholesale activities and supply of the retail market in the Czech Republic will be carried out only by PHARMOS, a.s. after approval by the competent bodies of the companies concerned.
During its operation, PHARMOS, a.s. has established a significant position in the field of wholesale distributors of pharmaceuticals to public and hospital pharmacies. The company strives to work closely with its customers, to create favourable conditions for the development of pharmacies and thus contribute to further increasing the respectability of pharmacy in the Czech Republic. Since its establishment, PHARMOS, a.s. has been a stable member of the group of companies formed around Česká lékárnická, a.s. 

Company Management

PharmDr. Jiří Korta Chairman of the Board of Directors

office Ostrava a Brandýsek

Ing. Ondřej Moravec Member of the Board of Directors, Sales Director

office Ostrava

Ing. Ivo Přibyl Member of the Board of Directors, Financial Director

office Ostrava


Martin Cigánek Sales Director

office Ostrava a Brno

PharmDr. Jiří Sova Director of Quality

office Hradec Králové

Ing. Petr Špunda Logistics Director

office Ostrava